Article: Note by Note, Bit by Bit

Note by Note, Bit by Bit

20 Aug 2007 | No Comments

"Note um Note, Takt um Takt"
Originally written by Christoph Sachal on June 5th, 2005.

“How do you do it?”. This is the question I am often asked, and I find it hard to answer because the way
I create music is not easy to describe. Often I already have the music for a certain production in my head before I sit down and start composing. But it also happens that I come up with the melody while playing the piano, or that I wake up with a tune in my head that I just have to play. In this way the theme song for Broken Sword 2.5 came to me in the Jacuzzi :D As you can see, it is a relatively irregular and partly unpredictable process.

I must confess that with the music for Broken Sword 2.5 I did not allow to be myself inspired by the music of its predecessors very much. Of course I have used some rudimental themes for my soundtracks to make the songs recognizable, but not much. This, by the way, wasn’t so easy because on legal grounds I couldn’t copy the material of the predecessors too much. On the other hand, I also had to make sure that in my compositions the relation with the predecessors of Broken Sword 2.5 was recognizable. I ended up with something that is in my opinion a beautiful compromise between old and new. And I also believe that the soundtrack for Broken Sword 2.5 is both more animated as it is darker and more dramatic than people are used to from the originals.

At the moment there is about 30 minutes of in-game music and even more music in total, which has originated from simple ideas or out of purely conceptual grounds. How much of these compositions will eventually find its way into the game is still unclear. Who knows, maybe some of the unused compositions will find their way onto a Broken Sword 2.5 Soundtrack someday. (:


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