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Universal Hints System

The game will not start...

Reduce audio hardware acceleration. To do this clickon on Start -> Run -> type dxdiag -> Sound -> Move the 'Hardware Sound Acceleration Level' slider down to 'Basic acceleration'. This is resolving the majority of XP startup problems.

Try running the safe version of the game, it is found in the game folder.

If you are using any refresh rate fixing programs like nvRefreshTool then disable these before running the game.

Try running the game in a different resolution. 800 * 600 is a good one to try.

Set the refresh rate to 60Hz. Open the control panel, Click on display, settings, advanced, moniter, and set it to 60HZ.

The game crashes when I try and save the game?

It is possible that the saves directory has not been created. Make sure the directory C:\Program Files\THQ\Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon\Saves exists.

The music is not playing properly?

Run dxdiag, go to the sound tab and reducing the soundcard hardware support. Try reducing it one step at first, but you may have to reduce it to zero.

The PC version crashes unexpectedly...

If you do not have directx 9 try installing it.

PC: I get no speech in the game.

Open up the Control panel, select Sounds and Audio Devices, then select the audio tab. Where it says "sound playback" click advanced, then in the "Speaker Setup" field choose "5.1 surround speakers".

Wingman action pad doesn't work.

To use this with the game you have to manually configure the pad using the pad configuration control panel.

When you finish the game if you save the game and immediately reload it the game hangs.

This is one that slipped through the net. The save game has been correctly made so the player will need to reboot and reload to start the game again.