In the opening FMV there is a Gargoyle just outside the window - could it be the same one seen in BS1?

Broken Sword 1 Poster

There is a Broken Sword 1 poster in Vernon's bedroom. You can see it on your second visit, when you talk to Beatrice.

Views of Paris

Give the lipstick to the skateboarder. Nico will say it's not possible. Go down the alley to the right of the gates into the park and you'll be able to see the Eiffel Tower and a friendly dog.

Developer Menu

To access the developer debug menu in Broken Sword 3, do the following:

  • In the plane right at the start, get out of your seat
  • Push the crate into the "balance" position
  • Get into the cockpit
  • Pick up the fire extinguisher
  • Use the fire extinguisher on Harry
  • Run to plane door and interact with it

You've got to be quick, and it may take a few tries. You should be able to skip to different parts of the game once unlocked.