Enhanced BASS Soundtrack Now Supported | 30 Jan 2012

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The latest version of ScummVM, 1.4.1 "Subwoofer Release", came out a few days ago. They've called it a minor release, mainly for maintenance and bug fixes, but fans of Beneath a Steel Sky may want to take notice.

Towards the end of November 2011, James Woodcock released an Enhanced Soundtrack for BASS. As the name suggests, James has improved the BASS soundtrack to "give everyone superior sounding music and not just those with powerful MIDI equipment." Until now, the only way to use the soundtrack in the game was by downloading the latest pre-release version of ScummVM. With the 1.4.1 "Subwoofer Release" however, the support for the Enhanced Soundtrack is now built in.

You can listen to a sample of the improved soundtrack below:

You can download the Enhanced Soundtrack directly from James Woodcock, and as always, you can download both ScummVM and BASS from Once you have all three downloaded, install ScummVM, extract BASS to the ScummVM install folder, and then add the game from within the ScummVM program. Then just extract audio files from the soundtrack to your BASS folder and ScummVM will do the rest. James recommends you set the Sample Rate to 44kHz (via Edit Game > Audio > Override global audio settings), but it's not a necessary step.

The Enhanced Soundtrack works with both CD and Floppy versions of BASS, so whatever you're playing you can enjoy the improvements.

You can read more about the ScummVM Music Enhancement Project here.


Micaela | Sunday 20th of May 2012 01:25:26 AM

It's because you want to rvemoe any track? Which ones do you prefer (or dislike)? The rock ones or the electronic ones?The more we know our audience, the better About the patch, for a quick fix, you can download the soundtrack and play the songs you like while you play (lowering to 0% the volume of the in-game music), but we'll be looking into it.

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