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Charles Cecil talks to Ars Technica and Eurogamer | 09 Aug 2015

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In the run up to the launch of Broken Sword 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Charles Cecil has been nabbed for interviews by a couple of websites.

In the first interview, with Ars Technica, Charles discusses the Kickstarter campaign, the relationship Revolution have with Apple, and the difficulty of finding 2D artists in a predominantly 3D industry.

"If you paint a picture by hand, there's nowhere to hide," continued Cecil. "If you do it on a computer then you don't necessarily need to be a good artist. And if you model, then actually then you can just be a technical artist rather than a creative artist."

The second interview, this time with Eurogamer, goes further back into the history of Revolution. The article looks back over the 25 years the company has existed; from Charles and Tony sharing one computer in 1989, to the beginnings of Broken Sword, to independent self publishing.

[Cecil and Warriner] began working on a demo together, which they intended to pitch to publishers, shuttling themselves and their newly employed PC between [Reading and Hull] each week.

More interviews and articles are certain to surface in the coming weeks as the September 4th launch of BS5 on consoles approaches.


Steve | Monday 10th of August 2015 10:03:00 AM

Here's another, from MCV.

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