Released: 1996

Platforms: PC / Mac / PS / GBA (2001) / PalmOS (2005) / AppStore (24/01/2010)

From the makers of the highly acclaimed Lure of the Temptress and Beneath a Steel Sky comes a brand new adventure of epic proportions.

An innocent vacation in Paris unwittingly whisks young American, George Stobbart, away on a mysterious and compelling escapade which could change the fate of man. As George, you are thrown into the arms of intrigue as you uncover a sinister collusion which could turn the world upside down.

Who is the new breed of savage warriors?

From where does their gothic power come?

Who were the Templar Knights?

Answer the call to action! Seek critical information, solve cryptic puzzles bound in trickery. Embark upon a trailblazer exploration across the globe, where the people you meet weave riddles around you. Uncover their infernal secrets, reveal their monstrous plan. Call upon your deepest strength and staunchest resolve to challenge these black hearts to betray the unspeakable truth.

This is clandestine. This is arcane.

This is Broken Sword, The Shadow of the Templars.