Released: 1992

Platforms: PC / Amiga / ST

The Kingdom was at peace; after decades of unrest the King had united his quarrelsome subjects. Now, under his just rule, protected by the sea and the mountains, the people prospered and the crops flourished.

The King and his companions had visited our village while hunting, which gave me, Diermot, the chance of a few days easy pickings as a beater. I should have know something was amiss when a messenger arrived...

An uprising in the far off town of Turnvale, a beautiful young enchantress named Selena; it all sounded very exciting - but far too dangerous! I saddled my pony and made haste to slip away unseen, but the stupid beast had sensed the mounting tension and, despite my protests, the next thing I knew we were riding with the King's guard!

As dawn's cold fingers reached into the sky we drew close to Turnvale. Through the morning mist we could hear the howls and bellows of the approaching army, but it was not until their vague forms drew near that we realised Selena had rallied and inhuman horde. It was my first encounter with the Skorl.

There on a small hill above the town the King fell, and there he was buried by those few companions who survived the battle. The town fell victim to Selena and the Skorl; I was knocked unconscious when I fell from my terrified mount. When I came to my senses I found myself a prisoner in Turnvale's squalid dungeons. This is my tale...