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Barrington Pheloung, 1954 - 2019 | 01 Aug 2019

Written by Steve
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The death has occurred of Barrington Pheloung, the composer who worked with Revolution Software to create the soundtracks for Broken Sword 1 & 2 and In Cold Blood.

Born in Australia in 1954, Barrington was based in the UK for many years and was known for his work in film and television, particularly for the Inspector Morse series.

I'm sure fans of the Broken Sword series will agree, the music Barrington created plays an important role in the overall experience of the games. While the rousing opening theme in the first game hooked many of us, the background and incidental music helped set the atmosphere and mood. A favourite of mine is the piano piece Lady Piermont plays in the Hotel Ubu.

You can read more details on the life and works of Barrington Pheloung in this BBC obituary.


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