Article: The Rose-Tinted Glasses

The Rose-Tinted Glasses

30 Jul 2007 | No Comments | Read »

"Die rosarote Brille" Originally written by Sebastian Nisi on March 1st, 2005. The ‘Broken Sword’ game series is popular with adventure game fans. The series can easily stand together with the ‘Monkey Island’ games, or the ‘Indiana Jones’ series. With the announcement of the fourth part, friends of the genre can once again look forward to an official sequel. Truth be told, mindFactory – that is how we hobby developers call ourselves – was hoping to put Broken Sword 2.5 on the disc of ‘Broken... » read more

Article: Ahoy!


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"Ahoi!" Originally written by Alexander Arnst on November 17th, 2002. Hi people! Apologies for the heading, but I just had to do that ^^… So, what can I write? You see, I’m not a person of long speeches. Since a few months I am a programmer in this penitentiary full of happy mentally ill people. It feels good to maintain the balance between wannabe teachers of our school, the mentally disordered boss at work and the nice venturous members in our dream factory producing challenging ente... » read more

Article: The Longest Entry in the World

The Longest Entry in the World

15 May 2007 | No Comments | Read »

"Der längste Eintrag der Welt" Originally written by Daniel Butterworth on November 5th, 2002. “Guerin, you can do better than that”, “Well done, Rob”, “Tooms, stick with it”, “I would change that, Haggi” – Examples of events in the everyday life of a project leader. A day which can stretch in length like a piece of chewing gum. As a day-nursery attendant, I mean leader of one of the largest adventure projects in Germany *exaggerate* it isn’t always easy to oversee everything. But everything... » read more

Article: Fanadventure-Portal BS2.5 Interview

Fanadventure-Portal BS2.5 Interview

26 Apr 2007 | No Comments | Read »

On April 13th 2007, German adventure game site Fanadventure-Portal posted an interview with mindFactory member Daniel Butterworth. The interview that follows, originally in German, has been translated by Skizzo. Enjoy! Interview with Daniel Butterworth, alias Foxhunter Written by JimmBimm on Friday, April 13, 2007 Tell us something about yourself first. Your name, your age and how the idea of creating your own sequel to a game came to be. Okay then. My name is Daniel Butterworth, I a... » read more

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