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Hookshot Inc. Interview With Charles Cecil | 14 Feb 2012

Written by steve
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Keith Stewart of Hookshot Inc., a blog about sub-$15 games, was recently lucky enough to sit and chat with Charles Cecil. While drinking tea in the BAFTA members' bar, they discussed the relationship between Apple and Revolution, the changing metrics of the gaming industry, and the success of Zynga.

The admiration shown for Zynga lead the author of the piece, and subsequently Edge, to think that Charles wishes to get into the social gaming space. Stating that the "Zynga audience will soon be looking for something more sophisticated", Charles continued to say that a story-based, perhaps soap opera like, social game would help aid the progression of the medium. Edge agreed, saying, "perhaps Revolution can be the studio that helps social games grow up."

You can read the full interview on the Hookshot Inc. website.


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