Broken Sword 1 News

BS PalmOS Out Now | 23 Nov 2005

Written by steve

Broken Sword is finally available for the Palm OS. You can download the full game, or the trial version from the Astraware website. The full version costs US$29.95 - that's about 25.40, or 17.40.

If any of you download it, please let us know how it plays. Is it direct control, or does it use the stylus? Is there music and voice acting too?

Hopefully it does well and BS2 follows suit!


J4000 | Wednesday 23rd of November 2005 09:31:13 AM

It plays a lot like the Game Boy Advance version of BS1. There is some spot music (it doesn't play continuously), but no voice (it's already an 8MB game!). The graphics are very nice, again looking a lot like the GBA version.

You can control George with either the stylus or buttons. I usually end up using a combination of the two, but you can use one or the other. There were some control issues with my Sony Clie TG50 (it doesn't have a directional pad like most Palms do), but Astraware's support was responsive and helpful.

If you're a Broken Sword fan, adventure games fan, or Palm games fan, please buy the game. For those of us without a lot of spare time, PDAs provide a way to get a little gaming in wherever we happen to be. The world needs more quality adventure games for PDAs, and what better series to use than Broken Sword?

Steve | Wednesday 23rd of November 2005 06:56:52 PM

Thanks for all the info J40000 :)

Maaatt | Thursday 24th of November 2005 04:04:10 AM

What better series indeed!